S.Bianciardi Peinture

S. Bianciardi peinture


S.Bianciardi Peinture

le signe huile sur toile 2019

What Appeals
to Painters

There is something in the visible which reveals why it exists and how it moves, how it lives and the manner in which it evolves; this, in my view, is what appeals to painters: that there is a 'something' which makes lines, colours and forms hold together, whose mechanism is accessible to the viewer.

Subsequently, or rather simultaneously (since my presence changes the reality itself), I, as a painter, ask the question, 'What do I need to know or consider in order to be able to transfer this mechanism to the painting or the drawing?'

peinture 2019
Red Thought 100x80cm 2018
peinture 2017
Learned Women #1 102x76cm 2017
peinture 2020
Learned Women #2 100x80cm 2019-2021
peinture 2020
Learned Women #3 100x80cm 2018