S.Bianciardi Peinture

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What painting does with what is visible

Our human condition drives us, pushes us to organise on a paper or any possible material what strikes us most. Not only to convey shapes, light, shadows or colours...This each time presents us an instance of what we are aware of in our immediate surrounding. It helps us to do that through the matter and shapes, without meaningful, well organised words.
Painting deals with symbols. They need therefore to carry in them the significance and prints of previous states of visible synthetised and pointed out by the previous artists.

Univers enters in the frame of certain rules which we created to help us exploring it: we no longer pretend that these rules are eternal. At first it seemed that something started. How it happened has never been clear.
I fancy that there is an infinity of matter or energy being studied and making up time. I understood this depends on nothing but ourselves. And everything is unendlessly moving.

What is behind the visible, the frame, structures which are the pool for these forms, from which they originate? Painted portraits, scenes, human figures, are made up: how far, what direction can we adopt when there is nothing else than our mind to help us building faces, bodies, parts of the visible?
Painting rules, putting all together colors, contrasts, plans, are a reference, not always to be followed, since even if fixed by an accute observation of the reality, they move with human History, they are alive.
Recollection of what painters have offered centuries after centuries, and my own mind with its own visible and invisible sources intertwine. Recollection means memory and not a suitcase full of solid well outlined items. This moves under a fluctuant veil, both transparent and colourful. Is that sufficient? Probably not, this stays open.

S. Bianciardi Peinture