S.Bianciardi Peinture

S. Bianciardi peinture

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S.Bianciardi Peinture



A procession, a parade or a gorge; historically the French "défiler" meant walking and form a line to go through a narrow pass.

Eskdale gallery

We reveal ourselves with the voice as well as the quill; we carry out our activities on wastelands, on the street, by the windows of our cramped rooms, extending space outwards
we hammer it out, we trample it with our feet, with our breath-Défi1é is a fracas.
transl. W. Direen

New Zealand

peinture 2014
Keller Gallery 2014 Paris
peinture 2012
Keller Gallery 2012
paris les uns chez les autres 2012
Paris Story of O. 2012

Artist Books

paris 2012
After Marie NDiaye's novel Three Strong Women, Keller Gallery, Paris, 2014
paris 2012
S.Bianciardi Peinture